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    Who Run the World? Girls.

    By Marissa Luna We’re strong enough to bear the children, but when we do we can’t even take time off work to take care of our families.    We’re college grads, but we still get paid less than men for the same work. We know whether or not we want

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    Ignoring Detroiters’ Right to Democracy

    By Denzel McCampbell In what looks to be the start of another chapter of ‘relentless unelected action’, Governor Snyder has announced a plan to split DPS into two. During the press conference announcing the plan, the Governor said that his plan looks to take DPS to an “old-co, new-co model”. The

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    Engaging with…Student Loan Refinancing

    By Brad O’Neil Student loans – many of us have them, few of us like to think about them. They got us through our college years and made attaining a degree possible but they also occupy a place of perpetual worry as we struggle to buy homes and start families

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    Savior Complexities: Who Can Hold Billionaires Accountable?

    First of a Three Part Series: Selling Bridges By Kim Hunter It’s hard to either escape or fully grasp the effect and influence of certain Metro Detroit billionaires on the city. What seems clear is that the likes of Matty Moroun, Dan Gilbert and Mike Ilitch have rushed in to

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